ISS Art Updates Logo

In ISS Art 2018 was announced to be a year of the company values. Therefore, the company updates its logo.

ISS Art Continues the Work in its Areas of Expertise

In 2018 ISS Art is going to start new projects on Cryptocurrencies, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

ISS Art team is wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Bright New Year!

ISS Art Has Become CA Technologies Vendor

ISS Art has been registered as a vendor of CA Technologies.

ISS Art was featured as Clutch Global Leader 2017 in web and software development

ISS Art company was included in 103 Web & Software Development Companies List as Global Leaders 2017.

New Release of iOS App on Vertigo Project

The developers of ISS Art have been working on the social media platform for finding, storing and sharing music for a long time. In October a new iOS version of the application was released.

The Employees of ISS Art Taking Training Courses

ISS Art provides the employees with teaching programs and training courses. Now the company is holding the courses on data structures, React.JS and Internet of Things.

AR Office Application

ISS Art is working on development of a new mobile application that identifies human faces.

Saving Disk Space Effectively

The developers of ISS Art have created a new feature for saving disk space on one of the projects.

Developers of ISS Art Implementing Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding

On a project of online shopping development the specialists of ISS Art are implementing the method of geocoding and reverse geocoding by means of PostGIS and OpenStreetMap.

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