Hourly payment model

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The model is suitable for:

This model can be applied to all kinds of projects, but it is mostly used in two cases:

  • Product development without Technical Specification;
  • Product support (adjustments of an existing product, bug-fixing).

Specific details:

In case of the hourly model we fix the developer’s hourly rate and define the number of hours necessary to be worked a month or a week for your project. You can vary the developer’s hourly limit yourself.

With hourly projects we use our special programme, allowing you to monitor the development process. CrISStal Eye program automatically makes screenshots of the developer’s screen and monitors key strokes. So, you can always control the time worked on your project yourself.

Payment scheme:

Payments are done every month according to the hours worked over a certain period of time. In case of the hourly collaboration model we require a pre-payment. The amount and terms of the pre-payment are considered on an individual basis.


  • A possibility of making changes to requirements in the process of development.
  • A possibility of starting development in the shortest time possible.
  • A possibility of controlling the development process with the help of CrISStal Eye programme.
  • A possibility of increasing the team size for the sake of reducing the lead time.

How do I pay?

You can pay for our services by means of a wire transfer. Please mind the fee your bank charges for transactions.

Our specialists will help you define whether your project suits this model. To get more detailed information please contact us.