• Mark Grant

    Trauma and Pain Management Services Pty Ltd

    ISS Art, LLC have implemented a working application with which I can make sales and have profit. I highly appreciate the team's help, I'm really pleased with the service. The product was a good value for money and besides very convenient being all made from one source. Another remarkable thing was how quickly ISS Art managers responded to my e-mails. Even when they could not do what I wanted immediately, they always kept me informed, which made me confident to trust them. I am also grateful for the suggestion of the improvement, which I will follow up. It was great working with ISS Art.

  • Tanya Nodich

    For the LOVE of EARTH! LLC

    I have been extremely happy with my decision to use ISS Art! The developers have been so smart to deliver every idea I came up with. All the work is progressing nicely and communication has been great. Everyone is so friendly, courteous, and very knowledgeable. The overall experience has been fabulous: ISS Art has literally made our dream a reality. Our App is looking better than I hoped!  I can willingly recommend ISS Art to anyone and look forward to further collaboration with them since we need to develop more products.

  • Maxim Doroshenko

    Director, Coach
    Vancouver Chess School

    The Company performs its service promptly, deals with large amounts of daily work and team work is well-coordinated. I liked that some enhancements, such as graphical statistics by preferences, for example, were made practically without any discussion just because this was a logical consequence of the model under realization. I would like to see more of such initiatives from employees, because sometimes a customer cannot foresee all possible features that can be realized within the project.  Before starting the project I could see a general picture, that is the starting point of the project and the final result, without paying any attention to the details, that is why it was especially useful for me to work with your specialists on the minute development of the project.  My overall impression is quite positive, I would encourage you to work on in the same manner.

  • Tatyana Corets

    Project Manager
    Mobilfon, LLC

    During our work with ISS Art there were many positive moments, one can especially mark out employees’ operational efficiency: project manager who worked with us was always quick to respond in a detailed and comprehensive way regardless of her current location, flexibility in work methods, in case of necessity of changing some task, review time expenses, some task cost, make some additions, solve a development problem we were always offered various variants where we could choose the most suitable for us and come to an optimal solution. When the manager was on vacation or a trip we were each time given contact information of people in charge of the problems, and this is very important for work; good and timely interaction; when necessary our manager was always ready to provide us with a full description of the task, problem or just answers to our questions. To avoid misunderstanding we always had an opportunity to connect in a voice-call mode to discuss all details or get screenshots of necessary peculiarities. Working with your company we acquired precious experience, since we didn’t have outsourcing experience earlier. Your company proved to be a team of professionals who value time and quality. Regardless of a number of omissions and errors that arose on both sides, we could always agree peacefully and settle all the matters within the shortest time possible. We liked the structuredness of your work, compliance with deadlines, overall quality, responsiveness and flexibility of your managers. Our joint work result was the development of 16 fairytales and 16 colouring-books, which will allow to further enlarge our range of products, a large amount of graphical material for applications has also been worked out.

  • Ron Wright

    JNet Direct Inc.

    All the programmers have been talented and able to quickly understand where our project was, even if a change in who was working on the project took place. The project manager has been excellent in discussing options and suggesting directions for the various projects underway with the programming team. The biggest benefit for us has been the reduction in cost and savings from shifting our programming from the States to ISS Art in Omsk. Our programming budget was reduced substantially without a reduction in technical capabilities.